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Share Your Canine/Cat Cancer Stories

I, Houdini the Wonderdog, was diagnosed with cancer in April, 2019. They took out the tumor in a very sensitive area. I had to go through five rounds of chemo over 15 weeks. I’m now cancer-free and doing well.

I want to learn about and share stories of dogs, cats and other animals who have had cancer and other stories related to health journeys. We’re collecting stories to share in November, 2019 – things were thankful for, and also what to expect when faced with cancer.

By the way, at the top on my things I’m thankful for list is hot dogs and chicken. I just can’t figure out which one I love more.

Please share a story by 11/1/19. Humans (better at typing and that clicky mouse thing that IS NOT a real mouse, no matter what they call it) – be sure to include:

  • Name of animal
  • Type (dog, cat, bunny, etc.)
  • Their story of dealing with cancer
  • Their best picture

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