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Hi, I’m Houdini!

Barking about me

I think I am a Border Collie and Springer Spaniel mixed breed dog. That’s what I am told by my human mom.

Why is my name Houdini?

I am a free-range dog. I refuse to stay in a crate and will do everything I can to escape. This includes chewing through a plastic crate and bending a metal crate. I can climb fences too. When I was at the shelter, I freed / liberated myself and the other dogs.

It was great fun. In the morning, I was running around the offices with the other dogs. They put us back in our cages. A few days later, I let out my friends again! After that, the people at the shelter didn’t think that was good, so they started using these snap-locks that I could not open. If I only had thumbs! I could have opened those pesky locks then.

From Repeat Rescue to service Dog

I was adopted for my fifth or sixth time when I was three and a half in human years. They keep “time” in odd ways, but if you are reading this, I think you’re probably a human, so I will use the human time. I started helping out my forever human mom by letting her know when she was about to not feel so well. When I was four, I started training to be a service dog. My nice trainer Jodie at the Assistance Dogs of the West helped my human mom and me become a team. I go to work with her. We travel around together, and I go with her to restaurants and grocery stores too. I am there to take care of her. I like to work, and I like to learn new things too. I really love chicken and hot dogs. I sometimes get them and other treats when I work and train. It’s not for every dog, but I love it.

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