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Water Adventures

At the end of summer into early fall of 2019, I had some great adventures on and in the water.

Sailing on the Potomac River

I started as the first mate on few sailboats this summer. We were on the Potomac River and also went sailing with some nice friends on the Occoquan River that flows into the Potmomac.

It was a bit scary at times – not for me – but for the humans. I was brave, hiding under the stern or the bow of the boat. I was always ready to come out for treats though.

The view of the National Harbor in Maryland from the marina in Virginia.

Pool Parties

Then the swimming! At the end of the season, they allow us dogs to go swimming in people pools. It’s sad that it only happens one day a year for the pools that allow it. I think I might get better at swimming if I could practice more.

I was checking out the big pool with some dogs that were in it.

Wading into the pool.

This is the second Dog Swim event I registered for and attended. They had a really helpful ramp to walk into the water. Wading in the water is even more fun with friends!

Ocean Beach Dog Beach

I have been to many different bodies of water. I have been to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Erie twice, the Potomac, and the Atlantic Ocean. That is a lot of driving over the years to get to all of these places. My favorite beach to visit is the Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego, California. We visited there in the fall of 2017.

You can’t beat the water, the waves, and the sand.

Riding the waves better than the surfers in the backround…
Hangin’ four with some new friends in the Pacific Ocean.
I love this beach!

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