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The Results are In

So I went back to the vet on Thursday, and I had a big wand tickle my belly, they call it an ultrasound. They x-rayed me and ran some other tests too. They were looking on the inside and outside of me!

Both of my human parents were smiling when the doctor came out and talked to them. After all of the results for all of the tests came in, I am happy to announce that I am cancer free!

Leading up to November and the “Things We’re Thankful For” – I am asking for your stories about dogs, cats, and other furry friends whom have faced cancer.

Please upload your stories at https://www.houdini.dog/wp/cancer-stories/ by 11/1/19. We’ll compile them and share them around Thanksgiving. That’s my favorite holiday – we visit and eat. What a great day. Share any of your stories, and you can share more than one if you are moved to.

Thanks and woof!


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